Jaime Pfeffer Testimonial - Mollika“Because of Jaime, I now make $42,000/year more than I did two years ago and $35,000/year more than I did a year ago.  This is the most visible change; however, it is way more than that.  I now no longer see anything as a burden but as a step in my journey.  I no longer see dreams as impossible, but fully possible with planning.  I take the time to make little dreams come true every day and chip away at the big ones with no expectations and only forgiveness.  Thank you again and again.  Jaime is an angel in my life and I am grateful for her every day.”
– Mollika, Michigan

Jaime Pfeffer Testimonial - CJ“The Creative Insight Journey class with Jaime saved and transformed my life! I met great people, learned amazing things about myself and actually began to understand what living really means. THANK YOU, JAIME!”
– Chey-Juan, Michigan



Jaime Pfeffer Testimonial - JenniferJaime is the happiest person I know! She is an incredible transformational coach. She started out as one of my students, took my Creative Insight Journey and then she got trained and developed under me to become one of my Creative Insight Journey coaches. Then I brought her along side me to co-teach a class we do together called the Book Proposal Accountability Course. Jaime has an incredible coaching practice. She’s got great tools and lots of interesting programs for the self. She’s a wonderful writer and the literary editor of our Book Proposal course.”
– Jennifer Grace

“Jaime, I absolutely love reading your newsletters. It makes checking my email so fun! I have learned numerous tips from the newsletters and the YouTube videos. I can’t thank you enough for helping me learn how to live a more positive life and always brightening my email inbox :)”
– Lisa, Michigan

“Jaime. I love your videos of inspiration, especially the video succeed like Louise Hay which came to me at divine timing that gave me that encouragement at a time when I was doubting myself. Thank you for sharing your positivity and wisdom with the world.”
– Antoinette, Queensland, Australia

“Jaime – I love your positive vibes and all the great uplifting information you always provide! Makes my day start off right. Thanks!”
– Tobie, Miami

“I am new to your messages, but I like the idea of the Uplift classes and I think everybody needs a helpful coach like you in their life! It is so inspiring. Keep up the awesome work!!” – Molly, South Carolina

“Very nicely done. Your material is professional and well thought out.” – Lisa, Washington, DC

“I got to know Jaime through Book Proposal Class. Have enjoyed your daily positive posts and your Meditation is my current favorite way to begin the day!” – Julie, Australia

“Jaime, You are one of the most positive people I know. I love your videos and inspirational messages. Thank you for all that you do to encourage so many!” – Connie, Michigan

“You inspire me. I know, just three simple words, but I just want to say Thank-You for ALL you do!” – Carrie, South Dakota

“Jaime simply inspires. Her affirmations and blog posts are authentic and I always find myself smiling after watching her Uplift videos.” – Jenny, Tennessee

“Dear Jaime, I absolutely adored your Uplift class. I would not have gotten the promotion I did last year without your coaching. Your lessons have stuck with me and have improved my career, relationships, and have helped me in raising my children. I am so grateful for you and the work you do.” – M

“Dear Jaime, I loved your video on how important it is to add color into your life during the winter months! Thank you!” – Alison, Florida

“I love the positive quotes you post on facebook. They inspire me!” – Angela, Massachusetts

“I would never have had this much peace if it was not for the work I did with you with coaching, CIJ, and Uplift. I am surprising myself. I am now lying down and catching up with my e-mail. I would have just thrown my hands up a couple of years ago and said I could not have done any of it.” -Mollika, shortly after giving birth to her second child

“I’ve really enjoyed and benefited from these webinars. The biggest thing I can point to is a new project I’m taking on in my original field. I’m excited about this opportunity. I attribute much of my readiness to the tools, techniques and peer partnerships I’ve experienced in this class.” -Carol

“I cannot say enough about Jaime and Uplift! They both deliver exactly what they claim: Live more joyfully!

Each week we were given more and more tools that we could easily adapt into our lives. I noticed my joy level raising day by day, week by week. I found the class content and “joy work” ​to be so interesting and Uplifting.

From day 1, Jaime set the tone and created a safe space where I could open up and grow. The class size is perfect, small and intimate. I made lifelong bonds and friendships. One of my favorite tools from the class is the template for setting powerful and limitless intentions! I have used this afformation tool more times than I can count, it is so valuable. It works!!! I use it daily and share it with anyone who will listen!

I have noticed my ability to manifest has exponentially grown! Also, I continue to use the release tools: write it don’t fight it and clutter clearing. I was put off by both of those at first. So no one should be surprised that they were the MOST transformational tools for me! I am so grateful that I took this course! I would recommend it anyone who is looking to grow and glow! The transformational tools are guaranteed to raise your vibration!” — Sara S., Chicago, Illinois