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Things you need to do on a full moon

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You may not think the moon has anything to do with success but in my findings it definitely does! If you’ve never considered this, keep an open mind. Following the cycles of the moon and performing certain actions at different moon phases can be a fun, easy and effective way to better your homelife, career, finances, spirituality and more. I created this infographic today as a quick, easy way for you to see some easy things you can do to let this month’s full moon work for you! Enjoy …

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Just checking in …

Have you had a chance to check out my Daily Guidance readings on Facebook yet?
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If you haven’t looked at them yet, take a second to now by clicking here. It’s kind of like having your own personal forecaster every morning but, instead of predicting the weather, I tell you about the energies of the day – like whether it’s a good day for love, whether things are looking up for you, or if it’s time to take a break from something. It’s actually really, really cool 🙂
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That’s all for today, my friend.
Have a great day!
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Announcing: Daily Guidance … for Free!

It’s 8-8 … do you know what that means?
In numerology, it symbolizes infinity and abundance.
In China, it signifies the totality of the Universe.
In Japanese, it means multiplicity.
There are literally DOZENS of meanings of the number 8, and almost ALL of them correspond to these things: expansion, wealth and positivity!
In other words, 8 is great. Even better, its energy is DOUBLED today!
What does that mean for you? Well, you could be like the millions of people and ignore it. Or, you could take this knowledge and put it to work for you today. Set some intentions, open yourself to receive, and make a list of all the abundance and wealth you already have in your life.
Want to take it a little further? Today is an EXCELLENT day to create a vision board of your future hopes and dreams.

After that, take a moment and hop over to my Facebook Business Page, and check out the Daily Guidance post for 8-8 to learn even more about today’s energies.

Oh – and I almost forgot! That’s the reason for my message to you today. In case you didn’t know, I started offering a new FREE resource to help you live the life of your dreams: daily guidance readings!
What are free daily guidance readings?
Well, if you’ve ever wished you had someone that could tell you what to expect for the day ahead, or whether that hunch you have is right on or waaaaaay off, you’ll find answers in my daily guidance readings.
It works like this: every morning, go to my Facebook Business Page and look for the pinned post (the one on top). Click on it and take a few minutes to read. That’s it!
You’ll find information on things like your love life, your career, or your relationships – or whatever the Universe wants you to know for the day. It’s all based on the energies that are circulating at the time.
Granted, they are general readings, and not everything will apply to you every single time, but you’ll be amazed at what does apply to you.
Don’t believe me?
I challenge you to give it a shot for a week.
After all, what have you got to lose?
Still not convinced? Check out what some people are saying about my daily guidance readings:
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“You save me so much time and energy with these, Jaime! Thank you!”
So, what do you think? Are you ready to try something new? To start your day off on the right foot for a chance? To feel inspired, uplifted and amazing – before you drink your morning coffee?
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And, once you do, tell me what you think! I love hearing from you!
If it’s okay with you, I’d love to check back in with you later this week and see how it’s going.

That’s all for now, friend. Wishing you an awesome week and BLESSINGS GALORE today!

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Is Your Mind Making You Miserable?


December 30, 2015

Do you ever let the garbage in your house overflow?

My guess is no.

Like most people, when your garbage can is full, you probably throw it out into a larger garbage can outside. Then every week or so, a garbage company comes and picks it up, right?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you chose to stop taking out the garbage at your house?

If you just decided one day, for whatever reason, to let it pile up?

It would look unsightly, your floors and living area would be cluttered, and certain parts of the garbage would become moldy, stinky and rotten. Yuck! Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

I don’t think most people would last long in a house full of trash, yet this is EXACTLY what most people do with their minds; instead of emptying their heads of the mind trash of negative thoughts and beliefs, judgments and other things, they allow these things to build up. And up. And up. Eventually, the environment of their mind becomes like that moldy, stinky, rotten garbage-filled house I mentioned above. It’s not the best place to foster positive thinking if you know what I mean. Yet positive thinking is ESSENTIAL for happiness and peace.

I believe anyone can learn to become more positive – I did it myself – and there’s a lot of research to back up that belief.

It’s easier than you might think. I have hundreds of tools I can share to help you become more positive, happy and peaceful, and today I’m going to share one of the most effective with you: I call it the DIY Mind Sweep. I’m sharing this one today because I’ve been on a real clutter-clearing kick and it’s the end of the year – a great time to let go of old, outdated things.

Okay, are you ready to learn an easy, practical trick anyone can do at any time to lighten their stress and irritation in just a few minutes??


Here goes:
1. Grab a sheet of paper and something to write with or open a new Word document on your computer.

2. At the top of the paper, write today’s date and “DIY Mind Sweep”.

3. Underneath the header, write down anything that is bothering you, from minor irritations such as the grocery store being out of your favorite cereal to major issues like losing your job or a relationship breakup. Some basic ground rules: do not worry about spelling or if what you write down makes sense. You may write full sentences or you may just write words that don’t even appear to go together. Just let it flow. Really allow yourself to be as open as possible and do not judge yourself. If you do, try not to judge yourself for judging! I recommend setting a timer for 5-7 minutes on this one, but you’re welcome to go longer if you feel the need.

If you do this once a day, you will see your life change DRASTICALLY. Just like your home would change drastically if you allowed your trash to overflow and then you decided to pick it up, your mind will change drastically if you start cleaning it up. You will start seeing patterns in what you write and what bothers or triggers you, and you feel confident and better about yourself from spending a few minutes on this a day because it is a caring, nurturing and loving activity for yourself. And anytime you give to yourself through a caring, nurturing, loving activity, you will see this mirrored back to you from the outside world. I can’t explain how it happens, it just does. And it feels amazing!

Along with doing the DIY Mind Sweep every day, I recommend doing it weekly, quarterly and yearly. I think of these as “proactive maintenance sessions”, kind of like when you have a fall or spring clean up at your house to get rid of debris that falls outside the parameters of your daily sessions.

Whether you create a daily Mind Sweep right now or one for the end of the year, I encourage you to take a few minutes and go for it! It’s a beautiful gift to give yourself anytime, especially at the end of the year!

What “mind trash” do you need to let go of for 2015?

Personally, I need to continue letting go of a need for approval, and second-guessing my writing topics.

How about you?

I love hearing from you – it’s always a highlight of my day – so drop me a note telling me that and anything else in this article that may have helped you. And if you have a friend who may enjoy this, please pass it along and encourage them to sign up for my newsletter.

Happy New Year!


P.S. You are awesome and I am so glad you’re a member of my community! Here’s to you and a fantastic, abundant 2016!

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Why My Dentist Rocks and Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday

I love going to the dentist.

No, seriously.

I love the way my mouth feels after my teeth are cleaned.

I love taking care of myself.

And I love seeing my dentist, Dr. Gustafson.

He’s successful and a real go-getter. Dr. Gustafson loves learning and investing in himself and his practice.

And it shows; every time I go there, my experience gets better.

Last Thursday morning, while Dr. Gustafson was polishing up my teeth, he shared an idea with me. I loved it so much, I’ve decided to incorporate it on my site, starting today. It’s so awesome; I can’t wait to share it with you. The really cool thing is, it’s a win-win for both us. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s win-win situations.

So what is this amazing, win-win idea?

It’s called Testimonial Tuesday.

What is Testimonial Tuesday? you might ask.

Testimonial Tuesday is a new weekly feature I’m starting today on this site.

I’ll highlight comments or feedback from one of my students or clients about a class or service they’ve taken from me.

You know those reviews on or Yelp? It’s kind of like that.

What’s so great about that? you wonder.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely do new things without learning something about the person or company behind them. While I can’t uncover every possible thing about the product or service, it’s important I do a little footwork. A little due diligence, before I spend my money or my time. I don’t encourage you to do work with anyone, including me, before learning about them and talking to some of their clients. When I hire an employee, for instance, I give them references for me. I did this with my nanny last year. Along with checking out her references, I gave her references for my family of babysitters who’ve worked for us. I wanted her to know what it was like working for the Pfeffer family. Are we messy? Do we have realistic expectations? You know, those kinds of things. Why do this? It helps cut down on problems later, like us being the wrong fit. As famous success coach Brian Tracy says, every minute planned saves you 10-12 minutes in execution. So the next time you’re thinking of doing something, especially something new, and you’re questioning whether it’s worth it to spend some time up front checking things out, remember that 10 minutes of planning can possibly save you an 60-90 minutes of wasted time. If you’re a go-getter and considering working with me or taking one of my classes, I want you to have a pool of information to pull from, instead of having no information and just hoping we’re a good fit.

Make sense?

Okay then. Without further adieu, here is the first installment of Testimonial Tuesday. It comes from the lovely Mollika Biernat of Detroit, Michigan. Mollika has taken my Creative Insight Journey course, my Uplift course, has done private coaching with me, and is a current member of my Uplift Membership Group, a community of positive, ambitious people aiming to make 2015 their best year yet. Most recently, Mollika took my 14 Day Radical Self Love Challenge. Here is what Mollika had to say about her work with me:

“Dear Jaime, I absolutely adored your Uplift class. I would not have gotten the promotion I did last year without your coaching. Your lessons have stuck with me and have improved my career, relationships, and have helped me in raising my children. I am so grateful for you and the work you do.” – Mollika, Detroit, Michigan

Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday

Thanks, Mollika! I adore you, too!

Want to know some of the other things my clients say? Click here now. And remember to check back next week for another round of Testimonial Tuesday!

Have an awesome week!


Are YOU Missing Out on the Amazing Benefits of Mindfulness?

Are YOU Missing Out on the Benefits of Mindfulness?

                            Mindfulness matters

Are you stressed?

Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the day?

Do you need more fun in your life but don’t feel like you have time or can afford to stop?

Identify with any of this? You’re in the right place.

I used to live this way.

Ten years ago, I was bright and eager to succeed.

And I thought working longer and harder was the answer to success.

I’d jump out of bed at 6 am, race around the house, and head on the freeway to work a 10 hour day.

My boss didn’t require this. I did it to myself.

I worked long and hard, every day.

I worked on my lunch break. And even went in on weekends sometimes.


I felt afraid. I thought everything would fall apart if I stepped back. I already couldn’t sleep well at night; why add to it?, I thought. 

Concentrating was difficult too. And I didn’t know there was another way.

I don’t tell you this to feel sorry for me.

Or to pity myself.

I tell you because you can avoid my mistakes.

What if I told you there is a one-minute technique you can learn today to get relief from your worry and anxiety?

And that, when you put it into practice, you’ll also boost your creativity, focus, and overall well being?

How about that you’ll also save yourself countless stress-related doctors visits and dozens of arguments with friends or family members, plus thousands of dollars.

Sound interesting?

You’ll discover these secrets and more of the countless benefits of an amazing technique called mindfulness on the February 23 episode of my radio show, Uplift.

Click here to listen in:

During the show, you’ll also discover how you can win $75 just by sending me an email.

And how mindfulness can help kids, teens, adults, and just about anyone you can think of with everyday issues like worry, anxiety, and stress.
I don’t like to make guarantees, but I have a hunch mindfulness will work for you, too. There’s lots of scientific evidence to back it up. On the episode, I talk about some from the APA and Harvard.
You don’t want to miss out.
Click here to listen:
And if you’d like to give a regular guided meditation (like the one I mention on the show) a try for free, sign up for my newest relaxing meditation here. It’s my gift to you.

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The Biggest Mistake I Made With My Success – And How To Avoid It

The Biggest Mistake I Made With Success - and How You Can Avoid It!

The Biggest Mistake I Made With Success – and How You Can Avoid It!

Have you ever been around those people who don’t work as hard as you, but reach all their goals anyway – and do it faster than you?

Of course you have.

Just like me, you’ve put in countless hours.

You’ve studied, you’ve stayed late, you’ve volunteered.

But for some reason, you didn’t get the promotion. Or the client. Or win first place. For some reason, it went to someone else.

Why does this happen?

For me it was simple: I was making a HUGE mistake.

I was trying to do it all myself.

Don’t do what I did. Don’t make it harder for yourself.

Take the shortcut I wish I’d known about.

Join me and special guest Sue Storm, renowned angelic healer and author, to discover where YOU can get help RIGHT NOW.

Sue teaches you a simple trick you can use TODAY to turbo-charge your success and your life.

After listening to this episode of Uplift, you will:

  • Discover why working hard isn’t the answer to success
  • Learn quick, easy, fun ways to work less and accomplish more
  • Know the support team who is always there for you – and how to access them NOW

YOU are never alone. After listening to this amazing show, you WILL know that for sure.


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