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A 3-step Secret for Peace

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the present moment.

Something from the past may be daunting us. Perhaps we wished we’d said something a different way, or not said anything at all.

Present moment

An Affirmation to Focus on the Now

Or maybe it’s not the past that’s bothering us, but the future instead. Around this time of year, the extra tasks of the holidays can leave many people feeling exhausted, anxious and depleted. Our minds can get filled up with getting it all done, making everyone happy and creating the “perfect” holiday.

Although the stories we spin in our heads may real, the truth is they aren’t. They haven’t happened yet, and we have the power to keep them from happening.

One of the best ways to stay out of the guilt and regret of the past and the worry and anxiety of the future is to focus on the now. If you don’t have a lot of experience with this, it may be difficult at first – but don’t give up. The peace and contentment that comes from learning to focus on the now is well worth the effort.

How can you learn to focus on the now? Follow what I call the ABD: Affirm, Believe, Do. It’s a 3-step secret for peace.

1. Affirm. Starting today, begin affirming your new-found ability to focus on the now. Use the affirmation above: “It’s Easy for Me to Focus on the Now.” Say it in front of the mirror in the morning and again at night. Say it during the day today as many times as you remember to.

2. Believe. Affirmations are powerful, but you need to believe them for them to actually work. When you say the words, give them feeling and believe them. If you don’t believe at first, ‘act as if’. In time, you will believe.

3. Do. The last step in the ABD process is to take action and do. One of the easiest ways to focus on the now is to practice mindfulness. What is mindfulness? Put most simply, mindfulness is being present and noticing exactly what you are doing while keeping your mind in the here and now. So if you’re eating, for example, you focus your thoughts on the food – the aroma, the taste, how it feels in your mouth and how it looks. You can practice mindfulness with almost anything in your life, from washing the dishes to talking a walk on the beach. Mindfulness has so many benefits, including lower blood pressure and decreased anxiety, plus it’s free and totally portable!

How will you use this affirmation and process in your life during the holidays? Scroll down and leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you! I will read and respond to every comment I receive.

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