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3 Sure-Fire Signs You’re Spiritually Awake

Have you ever wondered if you’re spiritually-awake?
(I know I do!)
Have you ever wondered if there’s a way for you to know if you are?

If so, you’re in luck; today, I’m giving you three of my top ways you can determine if you’re spiritually awake or not.Read on for more and see if you pass the spiritually awake quiz!

Sign #1: You receive signs from a Higher Power.

If you receive signs, you are spiritually-awake!
What kind of signs? You may be thinking.
Well, signs can take many forms – from songs you hear on the radio, to “random” conversations you happen to overhear that contain information that almost seems tailor-made for you.

Some of my favorite signs come from places like license plates and billboards, or when I open up a book or magazine to a page with information I just happen to need.

Sign #2: You don’t resonate with things you once did. 
Have you ever lost interest in something you once loved?
In the past, I used to think there was something wrong with me or that I’d done something wrong to cause this. Thankfully, though, now I know that losing interest in things – which I can usually tell because they feel heavy or stagnant – is simply a part of my spiritual journey.
Contrary to popular belief, moving on from things is NOT bad; it shows that you’ve mastered something or you’ve grown – 2 additional signs that spiritually-awake people possess!

Sign #3: You question your life purpose.
If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more out there for you, or had the thought, “This can’t be all there is to life”, you are spiritually-awake!

Because being spiritually-awake requires the ability to look beyond yourself and the basic physical plane we live on, and if you’re questioning your purpose, you’re displaying self-actualizing behavior.

Make sense?

Now that you’ve read some of my signs of being spiritually-awake, I’m curious:

Do you experience these things? Which ones?

CLICK HERE NOW and tell me! I love hearing from you!
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5 Quick Ways to Meditate (Even When You Don’t Have Time!)

Do you ever want to meditate but feel like you just don’t have the time?

I know I do!

There are times when the LAST thing I want to do is get up and meditate.

I remember all the WORK I have to do;
Or the project I have due;
Or the lunches or dinners that need to be prepared.
But then I remember all the AWESOME benefits of meditation.
Things like:
How much better I feel when I do it;
How much less anxiety I have;
How much more serene I feel;
How I have less of a chance of overreacting to things;
How I’m more creative;

How I get more done;

How I have so much more patience for everything in my life;

How I have so much more patience for everything in my life;

And those things remind me how important daily meditation is in my life.

But what about those days where you just don’t have time to meditate?

Do you just give up?

No way! 🙂

There are shorter, on-the-go meditation techniques you can use when you find yourself short on time.

And today I’ve put together a list of 5 of my favorites. Here they are:

Quick tool #1: Lunch, anyone?
One of my absolute FAVORITE times to meditate is at lunch time. Why? Because it’s like hitting the “refresh” button on your day. Had a bad morning? No worries. Take five minutes and change your perspective with a simple meditation in your cubicle, on a quick walk, or even in your car.


Quick tool #2. Do Drink the Water
If you’re looking for an ultra-quick meditation that is fun and easy, look no further than this! Grab a bottle or cup and fill it up with some fresh water. Hold it under the faucet and slowly turn the tap on just a tiny bit. Close your eyes, allowing it to gradually fill. As the water hits the bottle or cup, imagine it as pure white light cleansing your body and filling it up with pure positive energy.

Quick tool #3: Bathroom Break

If you ever use the restroom, you have time to meditate! This is especially useful if you’re out and about with a large group or forgot to meditate in the morning before the start of your day. All you need to do is take an extra two or three minutes when you hit the restroom. Set your timer for 2-3 minutes, close your eyes, and follow the sounds of your breath. Sure, it’s short, but it will center you.

Quick tool #4: Om While You Wait

Have you ever had to wait in a long car line, either to pick up your kids at school or at the bank? The next time you’re in this situation, put this extra time to use by meditating. With this one, I would suggest keeping your eyes open for safety reasons, but you can still meditate even when that’s the case. To do it, pick an object near you – something in nature works great – and study it for 2-4 minutes. For example, if it’s a flower, spend some time looking at its petals and then looking at it as a whole. Then imagine what the flower smells like, or what it would feel like in your hands. This is mindfulness meditation in action and it’s proven to have a whole host of benefits, including lower blood pressure, increased serenity and more creativity.

Quick tool # 5: As a Pre-dinner Treat

The next time you sit down to dinner, take a moment before you did in to close your eyes and give thanks. Gratitude is a wonderful form of meditation, and it works because it gets your mind present and receptive to the amazing things happening in and around you. You can thank the person who made the food, thank the food itself, and even talk about some other things you’re grateful for that happened during the day. Sure, it’s simple; but even a little goes a long way!
Well,  what do you think?

Which of my meditation tools will you try the next time you need an extra boost or don’t have a lot of time to meditate?

Drop me a line here and let me know! I love hearing from you!

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It’s here! Your special treat!

I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful holiday season!

On December 24, I told you to expect a special message today …

And here it is:

From now until December 31, I am taking 25% off ALL my products and services – no exclusions!

Whether it’s a coaching session, a psychic reading, or one of my courses, you can have whatever you want, for 25% off.

The only caveats are this:
  • You must book and pay before December 31, 2016
  • This offer is limited to the first 25 sign-ups
Other than that, you’re golden!

Simply reply to this email for details, pricing and availability.

I’ve never offered 25% off and I don’;t know if I’ll ever do it again, so if you’re interested, email me today. You’ll be glad you did!


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Sending warm wishes and cheer!

Season’s greetings to you and yours!

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or something else, I wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy, peaceful, blessed and joyful holiday season! My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the wonderful year I’ve had, and I’m hoping you’ve experienced the same!

I’ve got an exciting offer for you on December 26, but in the meantime, I wanted to gift you with something else: a reminder of some of the freebies I offer – many of which are helpful at this busy time of year:

  • Free Morning Meditation: if you need a pep on your step or are trying to break free from old patterns or negative thinking, give my Jumpstart Your Day meditation a try. It’s uplifting, positive, and allows you to create the life you want!
  • Free articles: Want to know what it takes to be exceptionally happy? Click here. How about Seven Simple Ways to Stay Positive, even when you’re down? For even more free articles on everything from toxic people to the benefits of being sick, click here.
  • Free daily psychic readings: not following my page on Facebook yet? Then you’re really missing out! That’s because, starting in July 2016, I began doing daily readings on Facebook every morning. It’s kind of like having your own private psychic in your pocket, except you don’t have to pay! Pretty cool if you ask me 🙂 Other benefits of following my page on Facebook include contests and the recently-added and uber-popular daily draws. If you haven’t joined me on FB yet, now’s your chance! Click here, like the page, and follow it. Then be prepared for your free guidance, right in your feed!

Well , that’s all for me today. Again, I’m wishing you the happiest of holidays and sending you lots of love.




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Sending thankful praise your way

Gratitude is one of my FAVORITE practices for lifting the mood, feeling happier, and manifesting awesome things, and I want to take a moment today, on the US holiday of Thanksgiving, to say:


Thank you for reading my articles!

Thank you for being a part of my community!

And thank you for inspiring me!

I’m so grateful for all the love and support you send my way!

From my family to yours, here’s to an amazing Thanksgiving and your best holiday season yet!


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Learn the #1 Tool for My Success (Plus, a Free Reading for you!)

Do you have a negative voice in your head?
Do you ever hold yourself back out of fear?
Are you ready to finally break-through these debilitating patterns and go after your dreams?
Would you like to learn how to do this in under 20 minutes?
If you answered yes, you’re in luck – on Monday, October 24, I’ll be teaching this EXACT thing at a free workshop at Normandy Chiropractic in Royal Oak.
When you attend, you’ll learn my #1 method for busting through fear like a champion so you can finally have what you want – whether it’s asking out the person of your dreams, moving on to a new job or home, or pretty much anything else that’s keeping you frozen or stuck.\
With this one tool, I demolished my fear of public speaking and I also found the guts to host my own radio show and come out of the closet about being a psychic and a medium.
Before learning this tool, though, I was petrified by all three, but once I learned this method, my fears had no chance!
So, I ask you again:
Are you ready to finally move past that fear that’s been holding you back all these years?
Are you tired of other people whizzing past you while you sit there, afraid to take action?
Are you ready to release your doubts, feel confident about your future, and be your true self?
Then don’t miss this opportunity!
Here are the details:
Date: Monday, October 24 at 7 pm
Place: Normandy Chiropractic
Address: Woodward Avenue Royal Oak MI 48067
This event is free and designed for anyone who wants to become more successful and happier – fast.
In addition, this is one of my most popular talks; it’s award-winning, in fact.
And, if that weren’t enough, I’ll be doing free mini tarot readings after the talk! All you need to do is call Normandy Chiropractic and put your name on the list, or email me righthere. It’s first-come, first-served so get your name on the list now if you’re interested.
I hope I see you on October 24 at 7 pm. You will not be disappointed!
Have a great week!
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Three Things You Need to Know About Today’s Powerful Full Moon

Did you see the moon last night?
Wasn’t it beautiful?
In case you missed it, the skies were graced with one of the biggest and most illuminating moons North American-skygazers have seen this year.

As my family and I drove into Singer Island from the Fort Lauderdale airport, it was hard to miss the enormous, orangey-red-tinted ball out the car window.
“Ooooooooh,” my 8-year-old daughter said. “it looks like a giant ornament!”

“Wow, Mommy! Is that the moon?!” exclaimed her 4-year-old sister.

Jim, a native of the area, told us it was.

“Just wait until you get to your hotel,” he said.

“The moon will look HUGE! It’ll almost feel like you can touch it from your balcony!” he exclaimed.

“Can we do that, Mommy?” said my 4-year-old daughter, Reese.
While we weren’t quite able to do that, today’s full moon in Aries did bring us a host of other promising treats.
Curious what they are? (They affect you, too).
Read on for my top three, and learn easy ways to incorporate them into your life, today!
1. Full moons are a time of increased energy. Have you ever wondered why people act crazier around a full moon? Is it a myth, or is there some truth there? The jury’s still out on this one, but talk to any hospital ER worker or school teacher, and they’ll likely tell you things are crazier around full moon time. Although it may sound like an old wives’ tale, recent research studies have found humans experience less shut-eye on the days before, during and after full moons, and they sleep they do get is less deep. Why is this good for you? Well, if you’ve found yourself yesterday or today, now you have a reason 🙂 – and, who doesn’t want an extra boost of energy every once in a while?

2. Full moons offer a chance to get rid of dead energy. After seeing the profoundly- stellar impact clutter clearing has had on the lives of many of my clients and students plus my own life, clearing out your closet or fridge almost always receives a thumbs-up from me – and there’s almost no better time to do it than at a full moon. Why? Lunar cycles allow us to capitalize on the energy that’s been building all month, and with energy at it’s peak at full moon time, it’s an excellent time to release. Whether you set a timer for ten minutes and clear whatever you can, or spend a day in your basement donating and clearing up the cobwebs, doing any type of releasing at the full moon will bring you more energy. A super-simple, quick activity you can also do , is take five minutes and make a quick “I release” list. Here’s how:
  • Take out a sheet of paper.
  • Write “I release” at the top.
  • Make a numbered list of what you’d like to let go of. Examples include old relationships, toxic energy, old arguments, excess weight, painful memories, etc.
  • Destroy the paper. Some people recommend burning it, but I prefer the safety sure route of putting it through a shredder 🙂
  • Get back to your day.

3. This full moon will give you extra confidence and independence. While most full moons are linked with extra energy, they fluctuate in the character traits we experience. If a full moon were in Virgo, for instance, you may find yourself feeling practical and detail-oriented, two traits Virgo people know well 🙂 With today’s Full Moon in Aries, you’ll experience characteristics common to those with the sun sign of the ram: courage, independence, and bold action. This full moon is an invitation to you – especially if you’re timid – to release your inhibitions, kindle your passions, and take a bold step out!

Well, that’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed this article on the benefits of the full moon, and how to make them work for you! If you did, please take a moment and drop me a note here, or share the article with your friends.

Will you use any of the tips mentioned above to harness the energy of the full moon?
CLICK HERE NOW and tell me; I love hearing from you!
And if you have any other favorite things about full moon or lunar energy, let me know that, too 🙂
That’s all for today. I hope you have an amazing week!
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Your Free Play List

Did you get my message last month about the importance of play?
Have you added more play into your life?
As a mom of two young girls, ages 8 and 4, it’s relatively easy to fit play into my day. We’ve got loads of toys and my kids are always coming up with out of the box ideas and ways to have fun. Things weren’t always this easy though, and it isn’t my kids’ responsibility to make sure I’m having fun; it’s mine!
When I went to Fort Myers with my husband last month, I was forced to find things to do on my own for play.
Luckily, it wasn’t that hard, even in a luxury hotel room without any toys. Here are a few of the ways I added play into my stay:
Played Yahtzee on the plane and on the balcony with my husband
Played solitaire on the elliptical machine while I worked out
Did a word search in a book I’d brought
Played hop scotch using sticky notes I’d brought along
Colored a butterfly drawing with markers I’d brought along
Watched one of my new favorite TV shows, Hart of Dixie
Downloaded and read a new book
Read the newest edition of HGTV mag, one of my faves
Spent some time at the pool swimming (I even did a handstand at the bottom like I did when I was a kid!)
I didn’t make use of them, but the hotel I stayed at also had free bike rentals, boating, canoeing, kayaking and more! I could’ve also taken a boat ferry over to a beach and I would have if I’d had more time. The point is, it’s almost impossible not to come up with a way to play every day – even if you’re on an airplane!
Why is play so important, you ask?
Since instituting more play into my life I’ve found I am:
-More flexible
-More serene
-More fun!
-More grateful
-More focused
-More productive
My clients and my family members have also told me my energy seems higher and I bring them a sense of peace and strength. Wouldn’t you love to hear this from your loved ones? Add 10-20 minutes of play into your day, every day, and I bet you will!

Here are a bunch of ideas to get you started playing ASAP:
Play a board game
Go to or play a sport
Do something seasonal, like go apple picking or ice skating
Go watch a movie
Attend a live show
Go to an art gallery
Go to theatre or opera
Sing or write some music
Go out dancing
Create something out of recycled items
Plant flowers
Travel somewhere
Play “Would You Rather?”
Learn something new
Play putt putt golf or go bowling
Go out for coffee or tea with a friend
Do some gardening
Go boating
Go shopping
Play an instrument
Read something new
Get a massage
Go to the zoo
Play with a dog
Go to a carnival
Play horseshoes or cornhole
Watch a comedy
Make something out of legos
Make up jokes
Take a bath
Get photos taken by a pro
Learn a new skill
Go bike riding
Go bird watching
Make a homemade card
Call a friend
Do a video chat
Throw a party
Make a recording for a friend to send to them in the future
Write yourself a poem
Stand in front of a mirror and use window markers to draw silly faces or inspiring quotes
Read the comics
Play a game online
What effects does playing have for you?
Do you have a form of play I didn’t mention above?
CLICK HERE NOW and tell me; I love hearing from you!
That’s all for today. I hope you have a fun and playful week!
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The Importance of Play

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday if you’re in the U.S., and enjoying the day if you’re not.
Although Labor Day is unofficially considered “The last weekend of summer” in the United States, that actually isn’t why it was created at all.
Do you know the reason behind Labor Day?
Established in 1887, Labor Day recognizes the hard work and dedication of American workers by giving them some well-deserved time off! Amen to that. It started with a small movement and eventually became a Federal Holiday, inspiring many other countries to do the same.
The big question is: how are you spending Labor Day? (Click here and tell me!)
Are you taking some time off?
Doing something enjoyable?
As for me, I spent yesterday and today enjoying life and having fun. I played Yahtzee (the game) with my wonderful husband; threw the frisbee in the yard with our new puppy, Yahtzee (named after the game we love so much); and painted and created some clothespin crafts with our girls.

Painting with my daughter, Reese

As I was thinking about Labor Day earlier this week, my mind went to 10 to 15 years ago, when I hardly ever took time off to play.
It wasn’t that I didn’t want to play; I was just always doing something, you know?
Whether it was for my job, for my family, or for someone else, I hardly ever stopped moving! Can you relate? I actually thought I was saving myself stress by always “being on top of things”, but what I didn’t realize is I was missing out on life and burning myself out!
I also didn’t know play and rest are just as important as work.
What? You may be thinking.
Play may be important for kids, but it’s not that important for adults.

I know, I know – I felt the same way at first, too. But then I started making time for play – per a course I was taking – and something miraculous happened:

My energy returned!
I felt less stressed!
I felt GREAT!
So great that I consciously started incorporating play into my life more often: first monthly, then weekly, and now daily.
It took some time for me to give up control of everything and to learn how to delegate, but it got easier and easier – and my life got better and better. I started making more money, feeling better about myself, and – believe it or not – my psychic abilities also improved! (Who knew??)
Balancing work with play is nothing new, though. It’s positive effects are also not just restricted to me, either; I regularly give assignments of “play” to my coaching clients and they’ve seen similar positive results, too. Researchers, psychologists and large employers also know the importance of play for human beings – hence the introduction of gyms and yoga classes, arcades and games, and fun outings at successful companies like Google, Yahoo, and Quicken Loans.
Google employees playing volleyball at the company’s main headquarters
I’m sure you already know play reduces stress. But did you also know that:
  • Play improves your relationships?
  • Play increases your productivity?
  • Play keeps you looking and feeling younger?
Play also helps you burn off steam, increases cooperation among people, and aids in regulating emotions.
Pretty cool, eh?
But that’s not all; play can help you learn things faster, too. Consider how much easier it is to learn the months of the year in a song style fashion, as opposed to just simply memorizing them!
Well, there you have it; a big old case for the benefits of play 🙂 If you haven’t made time to play recently, I hope you’ll consider it after reading this, and not feeling guilty about it for one minute!
You’ll get the most benefits from play when you do it for more than 15 minutes. I aim to play for at least an hour a day, but sometimes 20-30 minutes is enough.
Short on ideas for playtime? Here are a few:
  • Play with a child
  • Do something creative, like painting or drawing

I love board games!
How about you? 
Play is actually such a huge part of my life and the success I’ve experienced recently that I started compiling huge go-to list that you can use if you ever need to. I’ll share it with you in a week or two.
Until then and before you go today,  I’d love to know:
Do you regularly take time to play?
What do you like to do?
CLICK HERE NOW and tell me; I love hearing from you!
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Just checking in …

Have you had a chance to check out my Daily Guidance readings on Facebook yet?
If so, great – I hope you’re enjoying them!
If not, you can do it by clicking here. It only takes a minute, and the insight you receive can really make or break your day.
Here are some recent comments from readers:
“Thank you once again, a very positive day. I’m still in the process of change and thanks to your words I’m finding faith and hope,”
“Amazing – so spot on again for me again today xx Thank you so much Jaime xx”
“Thanks for these insightful encouraging posts!”
If you haven’t looked at them yet, take a second to now by clicking here. It’s kind of like having your own personal forecaster every morning but, instead of predicting the weather, I tell you about the energies of the day – like whether it’s a good day for love, whether things are looking up for you, or if it’s time to take a break from something. It’s actually really, really cool 🙂
CLICK HERE NOW to join the fun!
If you like the posts, make sure to also like my page, because then you’ll receive the readings in your Facebook feed every day.
That’s all for today, my friend.
Have a great day!
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