Jaime Pfeffer, Life Balance Coach - Aligning the head and the heart
 Pfeffer is analytical in thought and a cheerleader at heart. She’s intuitive. Empathic. Enthusiastic. And she loves life.

Jaime believes life is best lived in balance. She loves helping women who want it all to align their heads – the left-brain (the mind) – and their hearts – the right brain (their passion).

She’s encouraging, optimistic and loves connection – with people and nature.

After having a spiritual awakening as a result of working a 12-step program, Jaime immersed herself in the top 182 books on spirituality, happiness and positive living, transforming her life and finding the happiness and peace she sought. She has spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours studying with renowned teachers from the New Thought arena – Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and more – as well as spiritual and business greats like Napolean Hill and Brian Tracy.

Jaime teaches several courses online internationally, including her flagship course, Uplift: The Giver’s Guide to Wholeness, Fulfillment and Serenity, based on her book by the same name. She is certified as a trainer of the Creative Insight Journey, an 8-week self-development program based on the famed Stanford Masters degree course Creativity in Business, by Dr. Michael Ray. Jaime also offers individual and group coaching.

In January 2015, Jaime unveiled the Uplift Membership Group – an upbeat community for go-getters to connect, get support and stay accountable throughout the year. The next month, she unveiled the 14-Day Radical Self Love Challenge – a 2-week video course that helps givers find balance through short, fun 3-5 minute videos and corresponding activities.

Jaime is an award-winning inspirational speaker and a member of Birmingham Toastmasters, a Toastmasters Distinguished Club, and one of the best clubs in the world. In May 2015, Jaime began a series of talks at Renaissance Unity, a megachurch in Warren, Michigan and will continue speaking at RU once a month through 2015. Recently Jaime was invited as a panelist at Renaissance Unity’s upcoming women’s event on September 19, 2015 alongside greats like Marianne Williamson and Cokie Roberts.

Jaime also serves as the editor of the 8-week Book Proposal Accountability Course with Hay House author and Hay House radio host
Jennifer Grace.

In 2014, Jaime created her own radio show based on Uplift, her book and course. She is currently creating a new show for women called Awesome Women Doing Awesome Things. She holds a bachelors degree from Central Michigan University (2002) as well as a Masters of Science in Business Administration from Central Michigan University (2004) with a concentration in Organizational Development.

Jaime loves giving back. She gives 10% of all proceeds to charities involving animals, children and women. She created her website, Awesome Women Doing Awesome Things, to help promote and support women entrepreneurs to showcase positive role models for girls and other women.