The Trifecta: You, Peace, and Mudslide Relief

What would your life look like if your stress were cut in half?
If your peace of mind was doubled?
If you could get along better with people, not feel drained or frustrated, and not get thrown off course by little things?

It’d be pretty nice, don’t you think?

What if I told you it’s possible to create this type of life for yourself rather quickly, as long as you’re willing to give it some effort every day?
Without allowing your mind to come in and tell you it isn’t possible, I want you to consider the following question: Do you think you could find five minutes a day to work toward the things I mentioned above – less stress and frustration, better relationships, and a feeling of calm regardless of what’s going on around you?
Thinking about your daily schedule now, when do you think you could carve out five minutes of uninterrupted time during your day for this work? In the morning? At lunchtime? Before bed? Make a note of it in your head.
And now thinking about your “return on investment” – or how long you’d be willing to try this exercise before it started paying you dividends – what do you think is a reasonable time period of you putting in five minutes a day before you start to see results? A week? A month? Less? More?
With all of that in mind now, I’d like to tell you about an inexpensive product of mine called Gratitude Meditations. It’s a compilation of 3-5 minute daily guided meditations I released last month. It takes less than five minutes to purchase and download and will give you all the things I mentioned above – and more – in exchange for you listening to it for 3-5 minutes a day.

Would you be interested?

I love this product and the positive, quick, and powerful results it has given me and others whom used it. It is incredibly fulfilling to craft and create something like this and watch it help other people create better lives. I am writing today because I believe it can serve as a tool for many people in the same capacity. I believe in this product so much that I am even willing to give you a full refund if you buy it, try it every day for a week, and find it doesn’t improve your mood, your peace of mind, or your outlook.

Would you be willing to give it a try?

I’ll be talking about meditation and mindfulness more in the weeks to come, but today I wanted to tell you specifically about Gratitude Meditations and what it can offer you.

I have big plans for this album, but it’s still in its infancy, which is a boon for you.


Because it is literally dirt-cheap!

This 28-track album is only $19.99, making it less than $0.71 per track.

If that weren’t enough, I’ve slashed the price by 50% today and this weekend – making it less than $0.37 per track!

I realize life is busy and your time is probably tight. That’s a big part of the reason I’m on such a mission to spread the word about mindfulness – it’s incredibly effective, and it takes just minutes a day. With the offer I’m giving you today, it’s also incredibly inexpensive to start creating the type of life you wish you had.

What have you got to lose or other than a $0.37 investment in yourself for the next 30 days?

Click here now to order your copy of Gratitude Meditations for $9.99. Enter code SALE 50 in the ‘Coupon Code”box at checkout for 50% off. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with the recordings. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

If all of that weren’t enough, I’m also throwing in a special bonus today only:

I will donate $3 from every sale of Gratitude Meditations to the disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross, which provides aid to people affected by California’s largest-ever wildfire and devastating mudslides.

How’s that for a trifecta? You’ll be bettering yourself, in just minutes a day, while also helping people and the planet.

Click here now to purchase and I’ll take care of the donation. (Make sure to enter SALE50 in the coupon code box and hit ‘apply’ for your 50% discount.)



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