5 Quick Ways to Meditate (Even When You Don’t Have Time!)

Do you ever want to meditate but feel like you just don’t have the time?

I know I do!

There are times when the LAST thing I want to do is get up and meditate.

I remember all the WORK I have to do;
Or the project I have due;
Or the lunches or dinners that need to be prepared.
But then I remember all the AWESOME benefits of meditation.
Things like:
How much better I feel when I do it;
How much less anxiety I have;
How much more serene I feel;
How I have less of a chance of overreacting to things;
How I’m more creative;

How I get more done;

How I have so much more patience for everything in my life;

How I have so much more patience for everything in my life;

And those things remind me how important daily meditation is in my life.

But what about those days where you just don’t have time to meditate?

Do you just give up?

No way! 🙂

There are shorter, on-the-go meditation techniques you can use when you find yourself short on time.

And today I’ve put together a list of 5 of my favorites. Here they are:

Quick tool #1: Lunch, anyone?
One of my absolute FAVORITE times to meditate is at lunch time. Why? Because it’s like hitting the “refresh” button on your day. Had a bad morning? No worries. Take five minutes and change your perspective with a simple meditation in your cubicle, on a quick walk, or even in your car.


Quick tool #2. Do Drink the Water
If you’re looking for an ultra-quick meditation that is fun and easy, look no further than this! Grab a bottle or cup and fill it up with some fresh water. Hold it under the faucet and slowly turn the tap on just a tiny bit. Close your eyes, allowing it to gradually fill. As the water hits the bottle or cup, imagine it as pure white light cleansing your body and filling it up with pure positive energy.

Quick tool #3: Bathroom Break

If you ever use the restroom, you have time to meditate! This is especially useful if you’re out and about with a large group or forgot to meditate in the morning before the start of your day. All you need to do is take an extra two or three minutes when you hit the restroom. Set your timer for 2-3 minutes, close your eyes, and follow the sounds of your breath. Sure, it’s short, but it will center you.

Quick tool #4: Om While You Wait

Have you ever had to wait in a long car line, either to pick up your kids at school or at the bank? The next time you’re in this situation, put this extra time to use by meditating. With this one, I would suggest keeping your eyes open for safety reasons, but you can still meditate even when that’s the case. To do it, pick an object near you – something in nature works great – and study it for 2-4 minutes. For example, if it’s a flower, spend some time looking at its petals and then looking at it as a whole. Then imagine what the flower smells like, or what it would feel like in your hands. This is mindfulness meditation in action and it’s proven to have a whole host of benefits, including lower blood pressure, increased serenity and more creativity.

Quick tool # 5: As a Pre-dinner Treat

The next time you sit down to dinner, take a moment before you did in to close your eyes and give thanks. Gratitude is a wonderful form of meditation, and it works because it gets your mind present and receptive to the amazing things happening in and around you. You can thank the person who made the food, thank the food itself, and even talk about some other things you’re grateful for that happened during the day. Sure, it’s simple; but even a little goes a long way!
Well,  what do you think?

Which of my meditation tools will you try the next time you need an extra boost or don’t have a lot of time to meditate?

Drop me a line here and let me know! I love hearing from you!


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