Three Things You Need to Know About Today’s Powerful Full Moon

Did you see the moon last night?
Wasn’t it beautiful?
In case you missed it, the skies were graced with one of the biggest and most illuminating moons North American-skygazers have seen this year.

As my family and I drove into Singer Island from the Fort Lauderdale airport, it was hard to miss the enormous, orangey-red-tinted ball out the car window.
“Ooooooooh,” my 8-year-old daughter said. “it looks like a giant ornament!”

“Wow, Mommy! Is that the moon?!” exclaimed her 4-year-old sister.

Jim, a native of the area, told us it was.

“Just wait until you get to your hotel,” he said.

“The moon will look HUGE! It’ll almost feel like you can touch it from your balcony!” he exclaimed.

“Can we do that, Mommy?” said my 4-year-old daughter, Reese.
While we weren’t quite able to do that, today’s full moon in Aries did bring us a host of other promising treats.
Curious what they are? (They affect you, too).
Read on for my top three, and learn easy ways to incorporate them into your life, today!
1. Full moons are a time of increased energy. Have you ever wondered why people act crazier around a full moon? Is it a myth, or is there some truth there? The jury’s still out on this one, but talk to any hospital ER worker or school teacher, and they’ll likely tell you things are crazier around full moon time. Although it may sound like an old wives’ tale, recent research studies have found humans experience less shut-eye on the days before, during and after full moons, and they sleep they do get is less deep. Why is this good for you? Well, if you’ve found yourself yesterday or today, now you have a reason 🙂 – and, who doesn’t want an extra boost of energy every once in a while?

2. Full moons offer a chance to get rid of dead energy. After seeing the profoundly- stellar impact clutter clearing has had on the lives of many of my clients and students plus my own life, clearing out your closet or fridge almost always receives a thumbs-up from me – and there’s almost no better time to do it than at a full moon. Why? Lunar cycles allow us to capitalize on the energy that’s been building all month, and with energy at it’s peak at full moon time, it’s an excellent time to release. Whether you set a timer for ten minutes and clear whatever you can, or spend a day in your basement donating and clearing up the cobwebs, doing any type of releasing at the full moon will bring you more energy. A super-simple, quick activity you can also do , is take five minutes and make a quick “I release” list. Here’s how:
  • Take out a sheet of paper.
  • Write “I release” at the top.
  • Make a numbered list of what you’d like to let go of. Examples include old relationships, toxic energy, old arguments, excess weight, painful memories, etc.
  • Destroy the paper. Some people recommend burning it, but I prefer the safety sure route of putting it through a shredder 🙂
  • Get back to your day.

3. This full moon will give you extra confidence and independence. While most full moons are linked with extra energy, they fluctuate in the character traits we experience. If a full moon were in Virgo, for instance, you may find yourself feeling practical and detail-oriented, two traits Virgo people know well 🙂 With today’s Full Moon in Aries, you’ll experience characteristics common to those with the sun sign of the ram: courage, independence, and bold action. This full moon is an invitation to you – especially if you’re timid – to release your inhibitions, kindle your passions, and take a bold step out!

Well, that’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed this article on the benefits of the full moon, and how to make them work for you! If you did, please take a moment and drop me a note here, or share the article with your friends.

Will you use any of the tips mentioned above to harness the energy of the full moon?
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And if you have any other favorite things about full moon or lunar energy, let me know that, too 🙂
That’s all for today. I hope you have an amazing week!

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