Your Free Play List

Did you get my message last month about the importance of play?
Have you added more play into your life?
As a mom of two young girls, ages 8 and 4, it’s relatively easy to fit play into my day. We’ve got loads of toys and my kids are always coming up with out of the box ideas and ways to have fun. Things weren’t always this easy though, and it isn’t my kids’ responsibility to make sure I’m having fun; it’s mine!
When I went to Fort Myers with my husband last month, I was forced to find things to do on my own for play.
Luckily, it wasn’t that hard, even in a luxury hotel room without any toys. Here are a few of the ways I added play into my stay:
Played Yahtzee on the plane and on the balcony with my husband
Played solitaire on the elliptical machine while I worked out
Did a word search in a book I’d brought
Played hop scotch using sticky notes I’d brought along
Colored a butterfly drawing with markers I’d brought along
Watched one of my new favorite TV shows, Hart of Dixie
Downloaded and read a new book
Read the newest edition of HGTV mag, one of my faves
Spent some time at the pool swimming (I even did a handstand at the bottom like I did when I was a kid!)
I didn’t make use of them, but the hotel I stayed at also had free bike rentals, boating, canoeing, kayaking and more! I could’ve also taken a boat ferry over to a beach and I would have if I’d had more time. The point is, it’s almost impossible not to come up with a way to play every day – even if you’re on an airplane!
Why is play so important, you ask?
Since instituting more play into my life I’ve found I am:
-More flexible
-More serene
-More fun!
-More grateful
-More focused
-More productive
My clients and my family members have also told me my energy seems higher and I bring them a sense of peace and strength. Wouldn’t you love to hear this from your loved ones? Add 10-20 minutes of play into your day, every day, and I bet you will!

Here are a bunch of ideas to get you started playing ASAP:
Play a board game
Go to or play a sport
Do something seasonal, like go apple picking or ice skating
Go watch a movie
Attend a live show
Go to an art gallery
Go to theatre or opera
Sing or write some music
Go out dancing
Create something out of recycled items
Plant flowers
Travel somewhere
Play “Would You Rather?”
Learn something new
Play putt putt golf or go bowling
Go out for coffee or tea with a friend
Do some gardening
Go boating
Go shopping
Play an instrument
Read something new
Get a massage
Go to the zoo
Play with a dog
Go to a carnival
Play horseshoes or cornhole
Watch a comedy
Make something out of legos
Make up jokes
Take a bath
Get photos taken by a pro
Learn a new skill
Go bike riding
Go bird watching
Make a homemade card
Call a friend
Do a video chat
Throw a party
Make a recording for a friend to send to them in the future
Write yourself a poem
Stand in front of a mirror and use window markers to draw silly faces or inspiring quotes
Read the comics
Play a game online
What effects does playing have for you?
Do you have a form of play I didn’t mention above?
CLICK HERE NOW and tell me; I love hearing from you!
That’s all for today. I hope you have a fun and playful week!

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