Aligning the Head and the Heart

There is no greater distance than that of the gap between what you know in your head and what you believe in your heart. The key is to begin to close that gap and nurture the marriage that can exist between the two, creating a beautiful balance.
RingsLife Balancing Coach Jaime Pfeffer believes that a joyful life is attainable, but has to be claimed and manifested through the acts of self-love and through the harmony of our most powerful and yet opposing entities – the head and the heart. When the two align, it creates a place of equilibrium. The two come together as one and offer a life filled with fulfillment, achievement and contentment.
HeadHeartThrough coaching, speaking and a growing online community, Jaime helps her clients step into the role they are meant to play in the world. She encourages them to tap into their intuition and reassures them that what their gut is saying is indeed correct. Achieving balance and clarity between what the head is saying and where the heart is leading is the ultimate goal. Jaime is a cheerleader that stands by her client’s side, encouraging their unique spirit to take flight, find strength in their own wings and embrace their most precious emotions.

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